FACNOR ’S solution to easy handling of a fully-battened mainsail. The system consists of recirculating ball bearing cars resulting in quick, smooth, effortless raising and lowering of the mainsail.


The FACSLIDE system consists of  :

  • lengths of tracks
  • one headboard car
  • batten car for each batten 
  • intermediate cars between each batten.

All cars are fitted with ball bearings.




The FACSLIDE cars have a number of advantages over other cars :

  • The MONOBLOC designed cars are machined from one piece of aluminium therefore eliminating screwed on end caps which are prone to failure.
  • The channels for the ball bearings, are cut by computerised machinery. The cars are supplied with Torlon ® balls. The Torlon Ball bearings offer a higher resistance against wearing
  • Varying sizes of ball bearings will run on the same track thus allowing smaller intermediate cars to be used (FACNOR patent) and keeps the price of the system low.
  • The headboard cars are suitable for both the standard headboard or simple cringle.
  • The batten cars are fitted with a joint which allows for an angle of rotation greater than 180°.
  • The intermediate cars are supplied with a sleeve which is inserted into the webbing making it easier to fit the bolt through.
  • The batten cars are supplied with M10 stud which are suitable for most batten tensioners.
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  • The 2 meters lengths of extruded alloy track fit easily and securely into the existing mast groove without having to unstep the mast.
  • There are various track sliders available to suit every mast groove.