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INTERNALLY FITTED LOCK : in this case, the external body of the lock is directly laminated (composite mast) or riveted/bolted onto the front head of the mast. The luff reaches an optimum length. The halyard runs down directly inside the mast. A large sheave can be fitted for smother operation.

 >> Reliable mechanism : “Star-shaped” inner part : The rotating ring is fitted with three projecting blocks that adjust themselves in the body of the mast part.


>> Easy installation and inspection

Optimum integration of the lock in to the mast

- device fitted from outside the mast;

- mast cut following a jig;

- the integrated part that bears; sail load is fixed on the mast face only by two screws thanks to a clever design;


Fitted-in sensors :

- « upwards stop » and « locked »

Various terminals available

- With toggle directly fitted-in (swivel)