Fitting housing section

The housing sections are fixed to the mast track with aluminum sliders which fit into the sail groove. These are fixed using stainless machine screws with Nylock nuts. We offer a large range of sliders to fit most masts.

All the housing sections are predrilled and no modification has to be done to your mast. With this simple method the mainsail furler can be fitted in a short time.


The sections have been designed to avoid damage to the mainsail. The edges of the housing incorporate a round groove to avoid chafe and can be used to hoist a protective strip or another mainsail.


Housing section fixing

The sections are joined by locating two or three pins.
This method ensures perfect alignment.


Sections measurements



  CF 80 CF 105
H 10 10
G 7,0 7,0


 Drive unit :

The internal rod is turned by means of a large rotating aluminum gybsey with two stainless steel ball bearings. The drive unit is fixed to the mast by two sliders above the goose-neck.
This system does not interfere with the goose-neck therefore no modification is necessary.



Hoisting mainsail

- CF 80 to CF 105 : the main halyard is used to hoist the sail by halyard swivel.

CF80 and CF105
Former ranges
CF65 and CF70

- CF 65 to CF 70 : the mainsail is hoisted by means of a slider attached to an internal halyard which is tensioned at the base of the housing. This system is very simple and reliable. 


  CF 65 CF 70 CF 90
H 10 10 10
G 5,5 5,5 7,0