New LB Opening blocks

© Facnor

The LB 2-to-1 blocks are fitted with polymer bearing replaces the SB models (needle bearing). Facnor has designed this new stripped-down version made in aluminum for lighter, more simple and more attractive halyard 2-to1 solution!

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 2021 Happy new year

© Wichard Group
Facnor Team and the whole Wichard Group wish you an 2021 happy new year of nice sailings.

 Gunboat G4 equipped with FX+ Facnor

"Furler is excellent," Peter Johnstone, manager of the  Gunboat prestigious catamarans yard, greets the newest Facnor carbon furlers, the FX +. The lightweight G4  (40 ') sport hydrofoil catamaran is equipped with FX + 4500 Custom. The Flying sail can be tightened from the bottom through a friction eye underneath the drum and by the halyard through a SB 4500 carbo snatch block . The  high level expertise of the illustrious Jboats family member is particularly appreciated, especially because the trust  of Gunboat with Facnor has been lastening  for more than fifteen years (Gunboat 48/55/60/62/90). Tested at over 30 knots. No more comment, just watch.

Gunboat :