FACNOR furling systems have sailed countless times around the world on a variety of racing yachts and in many sailing different events.


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All of these sailing events or races required the highest quality and High-technology from FACNOR equipment to endure the toughest weather conditions.


ULTIMS : The record of Thomas Coville on board of Sodebo
A solo circumnavigation of Titan in titanium!

A lot of work and verve at sea but also onshore were essential for Thomas Coville (48-year-old French skipper) to successfully break the solo round the world record. This achievement – to go down under the 50-day mark for a 28400 nautical miles solo circumnavigation – is the result of the rigorous preparation of the skipper as well as his Sodebo Team, technicians, engineers, meteorologists, and... his sub-tractors among which Facnor. In deed Facnor has been cooperating since 2014 with the technical team of this 111’ Ultim trimaran and supplied the J0,J1,J2 & J3 furlers as well as tailor-made hardware such as the toggle of the gooseneck. All the Facnor parts are cnc-machined in blocks of titanium in order to resist extreme high-loads all through a round the Word of Titan. The inexhaustible Thomas Coville does not stop there and is already planning to upgrade the maxi triamaran Sodebo, in the aim to participate to the Ultim class World the Round race in 2019. Facnor is already working on it...



Facnor Rsearch DPt work hard on the MOD 70' project!..



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Photo : V. Curutchet / BPCE

Vendée Globe : Four victories in 2001, 2005, 2009 et 2013 :

  • François Gabart , Macif 2013 & Armel Le Cleach , Banque Populaire 2013
  • Michel Desjoyeaux, PRB , Foncia  2001 & 2009
  • Vincent Riou, PRB, 2005



  • 2001 - 2003 - 2007 : franck Cammas winner of the three Transat Jacques Vabre (Groupama).
  •  2007 : 1er Orma, 1er Imoca, 1er Class 40. Facnor onboard : Class Orma (trimaran Groupama, Franck Cammas), Imoca (Open 60 Foncia, Michel Desjoyeaux), et Class 40 (Telecom Italia, Giovanni Soldini).


- THE 31 RST AMERICA’S CUP, on board of ALINGHI Facnor adds on the list a prestigious reference : Alinghi, winner of the last America’s Cup is equipped with a Facnor SDG 6000 PC customised Gennaker furler.


CLASS 40' :

  • Transat Québec Saint Malo 2012 : Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, Campagne de France (1rst, Class 40) 
  • Facnor Partner of the Global Ocean Race (Class 40') and Campagne de France (Halvard Mabire)


  • 2012 : Loïck Peyron ( Maxi Banque Populaire V
  • 2010 : Franck Cammas Groupama II (2010)I. le précédent était Orange II (B. Peyron).
  • 2005 : Bruno Peyron, ORANGE
  • 2002 :  Bruno Peyron maxi-catamaran ORANGE



  • TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS :  « MARI-CHA IV breaks it from far » This huge 140’ monohull, a real high Tech achievement, is equipped with 2 Facnor custom Gennaker furlers as well as many spare parts. The quality of this Facnor euipment has been tested during the attempt of breaking the transatlantic record (6 days and 17 hours).

AROUND THE WORLD FROM EAST TO WEST : Jean Luc Van Den Heede decided to equip his 85’monohull ADRIEN with 2 FACNOR carbon headsail furlers.


ORMA GRAND PRIX : many of challenging 60’ trimarans are equipped with FACNOR furlers.


LOUIS VUITTON’S CUP : several America’s Cup Teams opted for FACNOR furling systems


© Yvan Zedda
Groupama III (© Yvan Zedda)

Route du Rhum :

  • Route du Rhum 2010 : Groupama III (Franck Cammas);
  • Route du Rhum 2006 (multihulls) : Gitana XI (Lionel Lemonchois).
  • Route du Rhum 2006 (60') :  4 of the 5 first are equiped with Facnor furlers
  • Route du Rhum 2006 (class 40') : ), Phil Sharp 1st with RC Facnor Furler
  • Route du Rhum 2002 : Ellen Macarthur  and Michel Desjoyeaux, are equiped with Facnor furlers.


  - 2002/2003 AROUND ALONE : most of boats are fully equipped with FACNOR furlers as Bernard Stamm, skipper of BOST-ARMOR UX open 60’ and winner of the two first legs.


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Adrien (85') VDH