In order to facilitate the shade sail handling, Facnor has developed a unique cleat-winch, the T-winch that enables to optimize and secure the tensioning of the shade sail sheet. The sail sheet becomes easier to tighten.


Features of the T-winch:

> Load-resistant mechanism

> Material suitable for outdoor installation: Duplex

The marine experience:

> Facnor has been designing and manufacturing sailboat furlers since 1981.

T-winch use :

> 2-in-1 : load-supporting cleat fitted on a free wheel with unidirectional rotation (winch),

patented system, made in duplex material

> Fixation on post (wood, stainless steel, aluminum) or wall (concrete, wood, stone)

Easy manipulation:

  1. Roll the sheet around the T-winch (capacity of winding 45cm rope)
  2. Then turn the handle in order to tighten the sheet. Secure.
  3. For unrolling the sheet release the knot and slack it.

Innovative concept

> Innovative system (patented) inspired from marine mechanical solutions already tested at sea

> Especially developed for shade sails

> Partnerships with skilled professionals (please contact us)

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« Regarding its installation, the T-winch is handy as it can be fixed on various supports in concrete, aluminum or wood. Regarding the product itself, it complementary tool to the FXSun furler that enables to finish to tighten the shade sail without any difficulty. Moreover, its polished finition is very aesthetic. »

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