What are the differences between a structural furler and Code sail furler?

The structural furler supports the mast and also furls the sail – whereas a Code sail furler enables only to roll in and out the flying sail. In case of structural furler, the forestay wire between mechanisms is made of stainless steel or textile according to sailboat length.

Should I add a bowsprit for the use of a Code sail furler?

It depends on the sailboat configuration. The stemhead are sometimes sufficiently ahead and sometimes a bowsprit is recommended to prevent from interferences with the rigging at the head of the mast.

The bowsprit globally moves forward and protects the Spinnaker from the balcony, the stem and the Mainsail that shields it from the wind. Therefore, this is a recommended solution. To avoid any bowsprit distortion it is necessary to fit a briddle in case of the use of a Code Sail/Gennaker.

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Can the FAST thimble for asymmetric Spinnaker be adapted on classic drum FXT furler?

Yes, the Fast FX+ thimble cab fit the jaw of the FXT classic drum furler.

If necessary contact a Facnor dealer

How to use your furler with an asymmetric Spinnaker?

The FastFX+ thimble allows you to use an asymmetric Spinnaker in addition to the Gennaker/Code sail when you already have an FX + furler. This terminal is positioned into FX+ jaws.

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How to fit the endless furling line?

The continuous line organization must be adapted to each boat and following the recommendations of our agents. We offer you this suggestion for the line.

The Facnor twin fairleads facilitate this installation of the line : Twin fairleads

How to install the Code sail furler ?

The anti-twist rope / mechanism / sail assembly must be carried out by a sailmaker belonging to the Facnor Network.

It is relatively easy to fit the assembly on the boat afterwards. Its use requires minimal attention. Please follow the advice of your agent as well as those in the installation manual

Are there any protections for furler mechanisms?

Facnor offers you neoprene protections for the swivels and optional protections for the endless line drum. See furling accessories page

How to install a furler?

Please follow the advice of your agent as well as Facnor installation instructions

What is the FX + ratchet option?

The ratchet available on the FX+ is optional. It allows having a break while furling the sail by operating a particular duplex stainless steel part with the furling line.(See FX+ section )

What is an anti-twist rope?

Anti-twist ropes are fiber cables (Kevlar, aramid) which are tied from the top (swivel / halyard point) to the bottom of the sail (endless line drum / tack). These are integrated in the sail tape and form the luff.

 See page anti-twist rope and accessories

How to connect the sail?

The furlers are equipped with an integrated device to obtain a fast and secure connection (with captive pin). The top and bottom thimbles are thus easily inserted into the drum and swivel jaws (which is also provided).

How to handle a flying sail?

Please follow this procedure below:

What are the differences between an FX+ endless line drum furler and an FXT classic drum furler?

The FX+ are lower profile furlers fitted with a continuous and removable line.

The FXT are classic drum furlers fitted with a single line (like LS/LX/RX furling gears). These are particularly used on board multihulls.


What is the difference between a Code sail furler and a headsail furling/reefing system?

A Code sail furler is intended for “in/out” furling prupose. These sails do not partially roll up like with headsail furling/reefing equipment. Flying sail furlers are used for Code sail, Gennaker, Asymmetric spinnaker (with Fast thimble), or Staysail.

How to order a furler, a spare part or other Facnor product?

To order a furler, a spare part or any other Facnor product, all you need to do is contact a Facnor dealer.

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How to contact a Facnor dealer?

You will find a list of all Facnor dealer with their contact details in the “dealer” section of the site, or by clicking directly on the following link: Facnor Dealers


How to download the Facnor catalogue?

The Facnor catalog is available in PDF format and can be downloaded directly from this link:FACNOR CATALOGUE