CF: Is it required to change the gooseneck to install the CF mainsail furler?

No, as the Facnor furling system allows keeping the original gooseneck without modifying or drilling in the mast.

CF: Is it possible to install a CF mainsail furler onto any type of mast?

The different slugs developed by Facnor allow the installation of a CF furler on most of the masts. However, we advise you to check with your sailmaker if your existing mast is compatible.

CF: How does the mainsail furler work?

The “COMPACT F”  furling system turns a headsail inside housing sections. The drive unit of the sections is situated just above the gooseneck and is operated with a continuous furling line (Facnor patent).

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CF: Are there any mast modifications required to install the CF mainsail furler?

No, as the housing sections are fitted to the mast by inserting slugs inside the mast groove and no drilling of the mast or the boom is required.

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CF: What are the special booms for mainsail furlers used for?

The KB special version (80 & 105) allows not using the boom sheaves, often inadequate due to their small diameter and their lack of ball bearings. This version has an additional sheaves system.

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Facslide+: Can the stacked cars height be reduced when lowering the sail?

Yes, by mixing different car models (FL20 with Fi10 for instance), it becomes more compact and cost-effective. Do not hesitate to discuss it further with your Facnor usual dealer.

Facslide+: Can the tracks be fixed to any type of masts?

Most of the masts can be equipped with Facslide tracks and cars. Various types of slugs (flat, round…) are available to make this possible.

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Facslide+: How to maintain the tracks and cars?

Rinse the Facslide tracks and cars with fresh water only. Never use grease or lubricant on the tracks and cars.

Facslide+: Is it necessary to modify the mast to install the tracks?

No, the tracks are fixed onto the mast with slugs inserted and sliding inside the inner mast groove and fitted with a screw. The upper tracks may need to be cut in length to fit the mast length.

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