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Facnor has designed an emergency back-up system for electric and hydraulic furlers. This system is faster, safer and easier to use than a manual winch handle.


Operating in any circumstances :

The “FACNOR emergency system” is made up of a notched drive wheel and a continuous line. If an electrical failure were to occur, this device allows the operator to quickly and easily furl in the headsail (standing

one meter behind).

  • Self-locking device : The Facnor emergency system is fitted like the emergency handle, with a standard square drive winch socket.
  • Sturdy fitting : corrosion resistant (anodized aluminium and stainless steel)
  • Continous furling line : Once the wheel is fixed, stand one meter behind the pulpit and pull the continuous line to manually operate the furling system.
  • Furling power : thanks to the torque of the continuous line drum
  • Compactness

Specifications :

- Ref. 03039000000. Thikness = 55,10mm.

Drum diameter =165 mm

- Adaptable on any standard model of electric/hydraulic furlers
- Speed of furling operation
- 12 mm diameter line and protection bag included in delivery

© Facnor
© Facnor

Facnor emregency system for motorized furlers : quick, easy and reliable