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Before using your Facnor furling and reefing system we recommend to carefully read our use instructions of our installation manual:

– Always keep the Genoa halyard tight when furling in and out;

– Do not tight excessively the halyard; stop tightening as soon as the folds in the sail have disappeared;

– If necessary change car position according to the sheet angle, thus the loads will better distributed along the luff;

– When reefing in light airs, maintain some tension on the jib sheets to ensure the sail is properly rolled up;

– Slack the halyard at the harbour;

– DO NOT FORCE the reefing system. Check for reasons if the sail is difficult to furl. Above all DO NOT USE the winch to furl in. Please contact your Facnor distributor/dealer ;

– Before leaving your boat, make sure that the sail is tightly furled and that the jib sheets are wrapped around the furled sail two or three times, and the reefing line is secured;

– In case of difficult rotation, check that no halyard (Spinnaker halyard for instance) is interfering;

–  Regarding maintenance, please see page 21 INSTRUCTION MANUAL