Emmagasineurs FAQ & Astuces

How to connect the sail?

The furlers are equipped with an integrated device to obtain a fast and secure connection (with captive pin). The top and bottom thimbles are thus easily inserted into the drum and swivel jaws (which is also provided).

How to handle a flying sail?

Please follow this procedure below:

What are the differences between an FX+ endless line drum furler and an FXT classic drum furler?

The FX+ are lower profile furlers fitted with a continuous and removable line. The FXT are classic drum furlers fitted with a single line (like LS/LX/RX furling gears). These are particularly used on board multihulls.  

What is the difference between a Code sail furler and a headsail furling/reefing system?

A Code sail furler is intended for “in/out” furling prupose. These sails do not partially roll up like with headsail furling/reefing equipment. Flying sail furlers are used for Code sail, Gennaker, Asymmetric spinnaker (with Fast thimble),…

How to order a furler, a spare part or other Facnor product?

To order a furler, a spare part or any other Facnor product, all you need to do is contact a Facnor dealer. Access the list of our dealers

How to contact a Facnor dealer?

You will find a list of all Facnor dealer with their contact details in the "dealer" section of the site, or by clicking directly on the following link: Facnor Dealers