FAQ concernant les enrouleurs à sangle Facnor

Can I install a Flat Deck furler on my boat?

To ensure that assembly is possible, you need to count the number of turns necessary to roll in your headsail and measure the distance between your drum and your cleat. You can then refer to the chart of the FD installation manual to check if…

Can I keep the fairleads that I already have on my boat?

The Facnor fairlead set is in the Flat Deck standard kit. Indeed, the webbing fitted with swivel used on the Flat Deck may not properly slide through some fairleads (especially those with sheave).  But we thought of everything.  

What does the FD standard kit includes?

The FD standard kit includes : > the drum fitted with 360° orientating line guide, low profile foot and rotating tack fitting > the halyard swivel (modif version FR enlever haute résistance) > the internal turnbuckle…

Is it possible to change the webbing of the FD drum?

Yes the furling webbing can be changed. It's a removable element. See FD accessories and spare parts.

Is the strap strong enough?

The FD range has been launched by Facnor for more than a decade. So we got feedback from its use and have been improving FD in details over the years. We use high-performance, high-load and low-stretching webbing (polyester for FD90 to 190…

What are the differences between the FD-R racing range and the FD-SX comfort range?

The FD-R racing range benefits from elliptical foil sections (R14/24/26/34). The FD-SX comfort range is fitted with rounded foil sections (SX 25/33/39/47/53). Read more about foil sections