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How to download the Facnor catalogue?

The Facnor catalog is available in PDF format and can be downloaded directly from this link: Facnor CATALOGUE 2019-2020

How do I choose the right Facnor manual furler for my boat?

The choice of furler depends on the size of your boat, the diameter of the forestay and the surface of your genoa. Find the type of headsail furler (standard or webbing headsail furler) To confirm your choice, do not hesitate to contact…

How to order a furler, spare part or other Facnor product ?

To order a furler, a spare part or any other Facnor product, all you need to do is contact a reseller. Access the list of our resellers. Access to the list of our resellers However, you will find information on this site that will allow you…

How to contact a Facnor dealer?

You will find a list of all Facnor resellers with their contact details in the "find a reseller" section of the site, or by clicking directly on the following link : Facnor dealers network