2.0 How to roll in and out a shade sail fitted with manual FXSun system?

Videos available showing the successive operating step forfurling in (inclure le lien vers la vidéo « enrouler ») and furling out (inclure le lien vers la vidéo « dérouler ») a retractable shade sail.

To retract the shade sail, please simply:

  1. Release the sheet (rope attached the point of the sail)
  2. Pull the furling line after releasing
  3. Secure the furling by making 2 turns with the sheet round the fully rolled shade sails
  4. Secure the furling line and also the sheet

For furling out your retractable shade sail:

  1. Release the furling line (running round the drum)
  2. Pull the sheet (furling out)
  3. Tighten the shade sail
  4. Secure the sheet thanks to the T-Winch

DO NOT FORCE: in case of tough furling in or out, try to identify the reason for this observation and contact your fitter.

In case of bad weather conditions, before leaving home, please make sure your shade sails is securedly furled in and the sheet turns round the sail several times (see our video).