questions-réponses à propos des systèmes FXsun

1.1 Where can I find an FXsun fitter?

Years after years we have developed a network of FXSun fitters and distributors. Please contact Facnor company by phone +33 (0) or by email in order to find out where to buy and who can install our furlers.

1.2 How to choose the right model of FXsun furler?

The choice of the FXsun is made according to the shade sail area and also according to the calculated length of the anti-torsion rope, around which the sail furls in and out. A FXSun fitter will be able to assist you.

1.3 Why choosing a furling shade sail?

A rolling shade sail fitted on an FXSun furler is ideal for arrange one outdoor space. It simply and quickly gets furled in case of bad weather and stored during winter if necessary. Moreover its convenience, the FXSun mechanisms, ocean race…

1.4 Are the FXSun furling systems for shade sails guaranteed?

The FXSun mechanisms are guaranteed 5 years – for further details please refer the General Sales Conditions of Facnor Company. Facnor, FXSun manufacturing company has been specialized in designing and manufacturing furlers for sailboats for…

1.5 How to order an FXSun spare part or accessory?

To order a FXsun spare part or accessory, please get in touch with fitter that has installed the retractable shade sail or get in touch with Facnor company by phone +33 (0) or by email

1.6 What do the FXSun kits include?

The complete FXSun kit includes a “mechanisms” set (one endless line drum and one swivel, an “anti-torsion rope” set delivered with 2 thimbles and in additional a “furling line” set insuring the drum rotation to furl in the shade…

1.7 What is a T-Winch? How to use it?

The T-Winch is a rotating cleat that assists the user to safely finalize the tensioning of the shade sail.. This innovative and patented system is easily operated, please do not hesitate to watch the tutorial video showing the T-winch use or…

1.8 How to maintain the FXSun furler?

The FXSun sealed bearing mechanisms are maintenance free. However, if you live close to the sea front, you occasionally rinse with clear water the endless line drum, the swivel as well as the thimbles. Sea salt has a corrosive effect, thus it…

1.9 Where can I find the FXsun and T-winch use instructions?

Please find the full documentation about installation and use instructions by clicking the following link: FXsun instructions

2.0 How to roll in and out a shade sail fitted with manual FXSun system?

Videos available showing the successive operating step forfurling in (inclure le lien vers la vidéo « enrouler ») and furling out (inclure le lien vers la vidéo « dérouler ») a retractable shade sail. To retract the shade sail,…