Can I hoist and lower my sail easily?

For structural furlers fitted with wire equivalent to 1 × 19 of 7 mm and less :

  • We offer simple hoisting and lowering solutions.
  • The STB has a sheave integrated into the swivel to lower the halyard along the luff.
  • The STG comes standard with a halyard swivel to be able to hoist, adjust and lower the sail from the cockpit.
  • For the FLT, the halyard swivel is optional.

For wires equivalent to 1 × 19 of 8 mm and more :

  • We recommend the use of a textile wire with a sail with zipped luff.
  • Installation: it is necessary to climb the mast to hoist and fix the sail. For lowering the sail, same opertaion but there are cost-effective solutions, please contact us.
  • Locks: It is also possible to lock your genoa in order to hoist it and simply lower it from the deck: please contact us for presenting “custom” solution.