” Driven by Innovation”

“We need to innovate” is the leitmotiv of our team who has been succeeding thanks to a long-lasting relationship with ocean racing partners. Our teams’ state of mind helps us ensure optimum performance and high quality products. Facnor is a well-established manufacturer of sailing furling systems: 80% of the French sailing boat manufacturers and many more worldwide are using FACNOR furling gears for their brand new boats. This choice shows our relevant advice and the quality of our products.

” Race developed technology”

Facnor has also been offering top of the range customized and racing equipment. Its expertise in furling systems is widely recognized. Both our reputation worldwide and our cooperation as tailor-made furling supplier make it possible to offer innovative, high performance and reliable products to every sailor.

  • 2020

    Enlargement of structural furler & locking swivel ranges

  • 2019

    Development of hydraulic range (hydraulic structural furler) – Improvement of internal locks


  • 2018

    EC multi-motors furling and reefing systems, IDXH hydraulic below-deck Code sail furlers, HF hydraulic furling systems, new hardware

    (clamps, Mainsail reefing locks, etc..)

  • 2017

    FLT flat structural furler (carbon housing)


  • 2016

    FXH : hydraulic Code sail furler Development of deck and stanchion fairleads

  • 2014

    Halyard locking swivel - development of terminals (customized end fittings) New FX+ range : Code sail furlers with carbon housing


  • 2013

    Sparcraft and Facnor join Wichard Group

    (CEO : Jean-Claude Ibos)

  • 2011-12

    FlatDeck webbing furling system receives the Pittman Award (Sail Magazine/USA) and then 2012 Segeln Award (Germany)


  • 2009

    Innovative FlatDeck webbing furling systems* and FX range of Code sail furlers with low profile endless line drum with removable furling line.

    * (nominated at the Dame Design Award, METS, Amsterdam)

  • 2006

    FX Range (Code Zero and Gennaker furlers)

    Continuous line drums


  • 2005

    Range of headsail furling and reefing systems: LSLXRX Facnor developed the innovative

  • 2003

    RC endless line drum*

    *(nominated at the Dame Design Award, METS, Amsterdam)


  • 1998

    Evolution of the two furling system ranges: SD/R with sealed bearings. SDG range of Gennaker furlers

  • 1993

    First Facnor Gennaker furlers


  • 1992

    "FACSLIDE" range for full battened Mainsail: ball bearing cars fitted on tracks Launching of the Mainsail furling systems: CF range

  • 1990-1991

    SD & R Headsail furlers Range

    New range with drums made of aluminium extrusions


  • 1987

    Launching of the CF range : Mainsail furlers

     Installation without modifying or drilling the mast

  • 1985

    Launching of new furling systems (Ti range) fitted with a “Telescopic Section".


  • 1981

    Foundation of Facnor company (J.M. Desprès) - First range of Facnor Furlers = TE

    First manufacturer to supply furling systems to be installed without forestay modification