FAQ sur les enrouleurs électriques Facnor

What are the differences between the EF+ and EC ranges?

The two ranges complement each other in the range of models but are of different design: The EF range are single-engine: see EF+ Range + The EC range is made up of multi-engine models: see EC Range

My Facnor electric furling systems is losing power, what can I do?

First of all distinguish whether the failure is mechanical (due a not released sheet released, halyard interfering with the swivel, ...) or electric (due to battery discharged, short circuit,...). On board, proceed by eliminating the possible…

What type of engine is used with the electric furling system?

The range of EC electric furlers are equipped with an innovative multi-engine concept. EC39 multi-engine drive unit (12V), 400W power, 40 rpm, optimal torque 45 Nm and maximum 115 Nm EC47 multi-engine drive unit (12/24V), 800W power, 55…

Is it easy to power my Facnor manual furling gear?

Yes, motorizing its Facnor manual furling system simply requires the drum to be changed by an electric drive unit, the existing foil sections and halyard swivel cursor remain. All you need is a motorization kit that includes the electric drive…

How do I choose the right electric furling and reefing gear for my boat?

The choice of electric furler is based on the size of your boat, the diameter of the forestay and the surface of your Genoa. To validate your choice, please contact one of our dealers. Go to the list of our Dealers

Why prefer a radio command to a wired command?

The radio control allows greater freedom of movement (front/rear and Port/Starboard) on the boat, especially on long sailboats.